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Beautiful People Edit

Ren's Beauty Packの「Mystic Elves」、猫耳・猫しっぽキャラの「Ainmhi」、Khajiitをさらに虎っぽくしたような「Skyrim Khajiit」、お猿っぽい「Tang Mo」、Oblivionの住人「Dremora」など、多くの種族や目・髪型を追加します。

Ainmhi Edit

Created by a powerful wizard to serve as slaves, these diminutive half-beasts exhibit exceptional strength and combat prowess. Though somewhat simple beings, they are resilient and possess a natural resistance against magic.


Dremora Edit

The Dremora are a proud and intelligent race of Daedra in service to the Daedric Prince of Destruction, Mehrunes Dagon. They are powerful warrior spirits who are far more wise than most Daedra and are very curious of mortals and their ways. The Dremora are well versed in Destructive magics and Heavy Armor.

Dremoraは、破壊の王子Mehrunes Dagonに仕える気高く知的な種族です。彼らは戦士としての強い信念を持ち、他のDaedraより遙かに賢明であり人間種族にとても興味を抱いています。Dremoraは破壊魔法と重装に精通しています。

Mystic Elf Edit

The Mystic Elves of Tamriel are a rare sight indeed. In the likes of Cyrodiil, they are most commonly mistaken for Wood Elves. While quick on their feet and well suited for the life of | a bandit, their true calling is the art of Mysticism.


   Blade +5
   Mysticism +15
   Destruction +5
   Light Armor +5
   Marksman +10
   Sneak +5
   Dragon Skin(一分間自分自身のArmor Rateに+50の効果、一日一回のみ)
   Resist Magicka(魔法属性攻撃耐性:+40)
   Resist Fire(火炎耐性:+25)
   Blade +5
   Mysticism +10
   Destruction +5
   Light Armor +5
   Marksman +10
   Sneak +10
   Dragon Skin(一分間自分自身のArmor Rateに+50の効果、一日一回のみ)
   Resist Magicka(魔法属性攻撃耐性:+40)
   Resist Fire(火炎耐性:+25)

Skyrim Khajiit Edit

Skyrim Khajiit are far larger and stronger than average Khajiit. They don't care much for the local Khajiit population and get along well with Imperials and Nords. They also have exceptional luck.


Tang-Mo Edit

Hailing from the Akivir area known as "Thousand-Monkey Island" these are the kind-hearted monkey-people. They come in many breeds but are all simple, brave, and a little crazy. The other races all attempted to enslave or invade them at different points, but so far the Monkey-folk have been able to fight them all off.

「Thousand-Monkey島」として知られているAkivirが地域の出身であり、親切な類人猿です。 彼らはたくさんの種に分かれていますが、簡単にまとめると勇敢で、少々狂乱的と言えます。他の種族は彼らの奴隷化、侵略を試みましたが、今までのところ退けています。

Orogs Edit

Orog Edit

Orogs are a half breed between Orcs and Ogres. They are much larger, stronger, and stupider than Orcs but not as stupid, big, or strong as Ogres. Torn in-between these two worlds they have no home and are openly rejected by both sides. As a result they have zero personality and are pretty much hated by everybody.


   Strength +40
   Endurance +30
   Intelligence -30
   Willpower +10
   Speed -20
   Personality -40
  Blunt +10
  Hand To Hand +5
  Heavy Armor +10
  Block +10
  Armorer +10

Race Balancing Project Edit


Daedra Seducer Edit

The sometimes winged "Daedra Seducer" is a creature more known around the Illiac Bay. As mercenaries in the Daedric Realms they are superior warriors, even able to adapt their form to current needs. Blessed with a high resistance to fire, they're vulnerable to frost.

翼の生えたDaedra SeducerはIlliac Bay周辺でよく見られたといいます。Daedric Realmsにおいて優れた傭兵であり、必要に応じてその能力をより適したものに変化させることができるといいます。

Hidden Elf Edit

While most of the Ayleid elves were assimilated long ago, a few communities still exist today. These Hidden Elves are talented spellcasters. They're gifted with a medium bonus to magicka and the ability to reflect or absorb some spells, but bear weaknesses to fire and weapons. They can fade into moonlight and shadow.


Ohmes Edit

The most manlike breed of the feline Khajiit, Ohmes are often mistaken for Wood Elves. Therefore they're often diplomats and couriers. Like all Khajiit they're gifted with a resistance to frost and a small armor bonus, additionally they have have large resistance to heat and disease, but bear a weakness to poison.

Khajiitとその派生種族の中で一番人間に近い姿を持つとされるOhmesは一見するとWood Elfと間違われるほどです。なので多くのOhmesは顔に入れ墨を入れるなどして間違われないようにしています。外観が人間に近いことから、外交官や使者などに携わることが多くあります。

Ohmes-raht Edit

A manlike breed of the feline Khajiit, Ohmes-raht are more suited to melee combat than the more common Suthay and Suthay-rath. They're gifted with a bonus to armor, a resistance to frost, a heavy resistance to shock, immunity to paralysis, and a strong constitution, but bear an extreme weakness to poison.


Sea Elf Edit

The Maormer of Pyandonea were once believed to be exiled Altmer, although research showed that they had split from Aldmeri stock long before. Maormer are superior swimmers, while still being powerful sorcerers. They're gifted with a resistance to frost, but are vulnerable to shock and fire.

Tamriel大陸の南にあるPyandoneaに住むSea Elf(Maormer)はAltmerから追放された種族と信じられてきましたが、実際はエルフ族の故地AldmerisでAldmerと袂を分かった種族であり、PyandoneaからSummerset Islesへ数え切れないほどの襲撃を行っています……成功した試しはありませんが。彼らは水中を自由自在に行動できます。

Xivilai Edit

Imposing and highly intelligent Daedra, Xivilai are powerful mages and conjurors. They're gifted with a huge bonus to magicka, the ability to absorb spells, and a strong constitution, but bear a weakness to magic and weapons. They possess the power to summon a vicious Clannfear.


Yautja(Predator) Edit

Yautja Edit

   Strength 60
   Intelligence 50
   Willpower 30
   Agility 50
   Speed 50
   Endurance 60
   Luck 50
   Personality 20
   Athletics +10
   Sneak +10
   Acrobatics +50

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